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Rodrigo Castro Joins USYF Futsal 365 Academy as new Academy, Curriculum Director

SIGN UP FOR 2019/2020 TRYOUT UPDATES - JUNE 14 & 21, 2019

Get all academy updates, tryout dates and times for the 2019/2020 season. The academy season runs from June to June. July and August are off months. After trials, teams are set and training begins in September.


Compete in local, national and international high level futsal events.


The US Youth Futsal Development Academy in Central New Jersey will be operating the brand of Futsal 365 Academy. 

The Academy Program is U.S. Youth Futsal's most recent program.  USYF is expecting the program to expand throughout all Regions of the US in 2019.  Academy teams will be selected through a tryout process.  Players will attend a year long training program in facilities with USYF standards.

Academy Players are coached by the best Futsal Coaches in the area.  The players have a direct connection to the U.S. Youth Futsal National Staff allowing them to be seen and invited to I.D. Trials including National I.D.  USYF Academy Players will get a chance to be observed by other coaches ( Club and College) in different Showcases.



Director Of Futsal ID Soorena Farboodmanesh

Talks About US Youth Futsal Academy

The Character Of Champions Work Shop is taught to all our players and is part of the methodology our players live by. Download presentation below


USYF Futsal 365 Academy In New Jersey is proud to announce Rodrigo Castro as the new Academy and curriculum director. Effective this fall, 2019 USYF Futsal 365 Academy is proud to announce its new Academy and

Effective this fall, 2019 USYF Futsal 365 Academy is proud to announce its new Academy and Curriculum Director, Rodrigo Castro. Rodrigo was born in Brazil and played his entire youth career at Sao Paulo FC alongside many professional players, such as Kaka and Julio Baptista. Rodrigo received full scholarships to play soccer from National American University and Northwood University in the USA.

After completing his Bachelor Degree in Entertainment, Sports and Promotion Management, he pursed his passion for developing young futsal and soccer players through a futsal and soccer curriculum. It is only natural to have that philosophy as he grew up playing and developing his skills in the futsal courts of Brazil.Rodrigo is one of the most qualified futsal coaches/directors in the area as his resume below shows:

Director of training and owner of Brazilian Soccer Training & Promotion from 2007-2014.

Director of training for Sportika Sports 2014-2016.

Director of Futsal for Sportika Sports 2014-2019.

Rodrigo currently holds:

USSF Licensed

United Soccer Coaches National License (Former NSCAA)

United Soccer Coaches Advanced National License (Former NSCAA)

United Soccer Coaches Level 1 Futsal License

Academy Executive Director, Niko Alexopoulos was quoted saying, “Rodrigo’s passion and vast knowledge for the game of futsal comes alive every time he is on the court mentoring and developing young players. All one must do is just watch and listen to him as he conducts his training sessions. Rodrigo has a loyal player following and parents that swear by his training methods, philosophy and results. I have spoken with many parents that credit their son’s or daughter’s futsal and soccer development to Rodrigo. Rodrigo is known for saying, "Always put the ball on the ground and take good care of it, using your feet. You have to  want to keep the ball at your feet all the time while playing soccer/futsal, this is the only way to master your technical ability and confidence to own the game and excel at all levels.” We are extremely excited to have someone of his caliber of experience, character, and devotion to developing young players to lead the USYF Futsal 365 Academy  in New Jersey.



The academy program is a year round, (10 months, No July or August), program. Academy trials are in late June. Players train September to June, once per week, during fall and spring, two times per week during the winter. The program is designed to not interfere with outdoor soccer. If a player has a conflict with high school or club soccer the academy will make arrangements to aid that player.

The US Youth Futsal Academy, (Futsal 365) is a premier national futsal development program that offers players a unique opportunity to train and compete with players from other soccer clubs that are at the same skill-level. The program is designed to complement, not compete with, a player’s regular soccer training with their own club teams. The priority of the USYF's highly qualified training coaches is to improve the futsal and soccer skills of the players and offer opportunities for intense futsal game-play.

USYF is for players looking to participate in high-level technical and tactical futsal training sessions, competitive league play, as well as regional and national level tournaments. USYF players will focus on technique, tactical awareness and pinpoint passing which demands quick reflexes and fast thinking. They will better develop their ability to read the game and play in small fast paced environment. Through USYF’s unique training methods, players are developed with exceptional playing ability which helps their outdoor and overall game. 


  • Approximately 40-46 training sessions per year with qualified staff
  • Training once per week in spring/fall, twice per week in winter
  • Age-specific curriculum
  • Specialized goalkeeping training
  • All players will participate in a winter Futsal League 
  • All Players will compete in Regional and National Futsal tournaments
  • Opportunity for participation in National ID camps and clinics
  • Match analysis sessions for each group
  • Classroom session
  • Opportunity for participation in National ID camps and clinics
  • Opportunity to play in 4 events per year at the highest level of competition
  • Continuous Evaluations on player progress

  • Option for International futsal tours and tournaments

  • Evaluations on player progress
  • Mentoring and Director Support


All Academy members are required to participate in the following:

• USYF league or other local futsal league

• Regional Academy League (In the near future set by USYF)

• USYF National Academy Showcase 

• USYF Regional Tournament - Automatic Acceptance. Regional Champions are REQUIRED to attend the USYF National Championships


  • The Annual tuition for the Academy is $1,750 and it includes local league, academy league, regional tournament, league/tournament registration, insurance & USYF registration pass fees. (Some higher level tournaments may not be included.)
  • There will be one deposit of $100 directly paid to USYF on line which will cover the insurance and registration for the year and the first monthly payment of $250 to the Academy. There will be a total of 5 monthly payments of $280 which will bring the total annual tuition for the academy to $1750 plus a one time uniform and gear fee estimated at $350
  • US Futsal Regional
  • NJ State Cup (If Academy League does not form, NJ State Cup will be included)
  • Travel & Lodging 

  • Team Projected Rosters set at 12 players.


TRYOUT SCHEDULE FOR 2019/2020 SEASON - June 14 & 21, 2019 Monroe Sports Center


Our Academy teams competed at the 2019 NJ Futsal State Cup

  • USYF REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Futsal 365 Academy Teams Competed in their first USYF regional tournament in Lancaster Pennsylvania as part of their inaugural academy season.
  • NJ STATE FUTSAL CUP Futsal 365 Academy Teams Competed in their first NJ State Futsal Cup in Manalapan NJ as part of their inaugural academy season.


Director Of Coaching - Ronald Villatoro

Ronaldo Villatoro has a great passion and experience for soccer and particular “futsal”. Many of you may know coach Ronnie, as he is known, in the Ocean and Monmouth Counties from training with his company, Tecnica Soccer. Coach Ronnie is highly qualified and for those players that have had the opportunity to train with him, they realize how engaged he is in the training sessions. He participates, guides and teaches his players alongside with them as he is one of them. He does not just sit on the sidelines providing directions but steps in and shows players how it is down. This is a great way to teach/coach as players respect someone who can walk the walk and can visually show them what he is looking for.
Coach Ronnie recently had the opportunity to try out professionally in Sweden and Finland where he learned and trained extensively under Patrick Walker, previous trainer of the Swedish under 21 national team. Currently he holds an NSCAA advanced national certification and a USSF license as well as a Futsal Certification. Ronnie began his coaching career in 2012 under the guidance of Rodrigo Castro who played for the Sao Paolo Academy in Brazil.

Coaching Staff - Ceasar Guzman

Ceasar grew up playing in the streets of mexico where he was recruited to train through the Atlas Academy in Guadalajara, Mexico. He has trained extensively through the youth Academy as well as the professional level. Ceasar shares his passion for Futsal as it played a tremendous role in the player he became. Ceasar then transitioned to train players through the Academy in Atlas and will be sharing his tremendous experience with Futsal 365. Ceasar holds a Futsal Certification.

Coaching Staff - Edney Derick

Edney Derick grew up playing in the streets of Ghana where he shares that most of his technical abilities enriched through hours and hours of Futsal. Edney was recruited to train for the U15 National team in Ghana where he earned an opportunity to represent his country in Japan. In Japan he was recruited by Division 1 Monmouth University where he played all 4 years and had tremendous success. He was greatly known for his explosive characteristics and his ability to finish. Edney also has had training experience in Holland and England at the professional level. Currently he holds a Futsal Certification. Futsal 365 is pleased to have his motivational personality and his desire to push every player at each training session.


New Jersey State Futsal  
Main Office: 16 Arboretum Dr, Jackson NJ 08527   
Phone Number: 732.580.2174  




Access to national and international coaches and path to National ID Trials for the US Youth Futsal National teams.


Progression possession training session with managing numbers down by coach Diego from Mexico.


Parents discuss the national ID trial program for the US Youth Futsal national teams that travel and play abroad.


New Jersey State Futsal  
Main Office: 16 Arboretum Dr, Jackson NJ 08527   
Phone Number: 732.580.2174